08 August, 2010

El Pecho de Andy - El Pecho de Andy - LP (1986), Spain

Here's another excellent Spanish band coming from the city of Toledo, Spain. El Pecho de Andy (The Chest of Andy) were a New Wave/Post-Punk group active during the mid to late 80's. Besides the names of the members involved and the albums they released (2 LP's and about 3-4 Singles), I couldn't find any further information about their whereabouts or why they split. The members were: Miguel Angel García (guitar and vocals), Francisco Javier García-Zarco (guitar), Miguel Angel Campos (drums), Arturo Soriano (saxophone) and María Eugenia "Maruge" Muñoz (bass). The sound of this band is very similar to The Psychedelic Furs with a saxophone playing in the background in a few of their songs, minus the Richard Butler-esque sounding voice. Enjoy listening to their first self-titled LP, while keeping cool under the hot summer sun!


El Pecho de Andy - El Pecho de Andy - LP (1986), Spain

Side One:
1. El Arrozal
2. Última Combinación
3. Vuelo Nocturno
4. A Años Luz

Side Two:
5. Anochecer En Tahiti
6. Brillan Tus Lágrimas
7. Fighting Temeraire
8. Morgana y Ginebra


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