08 August, 2010

El Pecho de Andy - El Pecho de Andy - LP (1986), Spain

Here's another excellent Spanish band coming from the city of Toledo, Spain. El Pecho de Andy (The Chest of Andy) were a New Wave/Post-Punk group active during the mid to late 80's. Besides the names of the members involved and the albums they released (2 LP's and about 3-4 Singles), I couldn't find any further information about their whereabouts or why they split. The members were: Miguel Angel García (guitar and vocals), Francisco Javier García-Zarco (guitar), Miguel Angel Campos (drums), Arturo Soriano (saxophone) and María Eugenia "Maruge" Muñoz (bass). The sound of this band is very similar to The Psychedelic Furs with a saxophone playing in the background in a few of their songs, minus the Richard Butler-esque sounding voice. Enjoy listening to their first self-titled LP, while keeping cool under the hot summer sun!


El Pecho de Andy - El Pecho de Andy - LP (1986), Spain

Side One:
1. El Arrozal
2. Última Combinación
3. Vuelo Nocturno
4. A Años Luz

Side Two:
5. Anochecer En Tahiti
6. Brillan Tus Lágrimas
7. Fighting Temeraire
8. Morgana y Ginebra


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  1. a psychedelic furs,para mi.no tiene mucha semejanza,excelente banda con geniales letras,saludos

  2. ¡Ja! ¡Ja! ¡Qué diferencia de opinión! Los Psychedelic Furs para me sí. Hay algunos canciones que son muy aparecidos ha ellos y hay algunos que no.