03 October, 2010

Evening Legions - Evening Legions - EP (1986), France

The temperature is trickling, the leaves on the trees are metamorphosing and the distinct smell of fall is in the air. Happy October 2010! It's a bit sad, yet exciting to see another year nearly coming to a conclusion.
The recent change of scenery has provoked me to introduce Evening Legions. This particular group from France, were quite an astonishment for me. Astonishing, because I've never seen them mentioned along with their contemporaries such as Asylum Party, Little Nemo and Marc Seberg. Evening Legions is one of those bands that have a dark sounding name, yet their music (of what I could find) doesn't quite exactly match the description. These guys produced some very catchy new wave pop music with the lead singer sounding a bit like Nick Marsh from Flesh For Lulu. With this combination, you'd expect to listen to them on the radio, featured at the top of the charts and selling out records, but in reality this kind of recognition was not in their favor (though they were featured on the radio).
The lot behind Evening Legions were: Leaf Seale (guitar and vocals), Jean-Luc Vilgicquel (synth guitar), Pierrick Corzéame (drums), Flash (synths) and Pascal Obispo (bass), replacing Jaco Racotte who was previously on bass.
As I made repeated listens to their self titled EP, I kept wondering to myself: "Wow these guys could've been picked up by a major record label!" and "What ever happened to them?" While these thoughts were cycling through my mind, I rapidly searched for more information about them (the vinyl sleeve just wasn't enough) online. Fortunately, I was able to dig up a Myspace page which features a very short and brief summary about the band (in French), including 3 music videos (2 of which are live), a listing on Discogs and a small fan page. Enjoy this little gem!


Evening Legions - Evening Legions - EP (1986), France

Side A:
1. Your Dimension
2. Life On Earth

Side B:
3. Soft Silk Pillow
4. Affectionate Disturbances


More Information:
Official? Myspace
Fan Site

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