24 July, 2010

Alice In A Nightmare - Alice In A Nightmare - LP (1988), Greece

I love surprises, especially the ones that shift my desolate frown into a grand smile instantly! This new gem I recently discovered comes from the small country of Greece, the birth place of Democracy, the Olympic games and the mighty Greek gods, just to name a few. Lately there's been some misconceptions surrounding the small, yet highly influential country both politically and economically. Greece has an interesting history, but I won't delve into these subjects and bore you all. I'd much rather talk about Alice In A Nightmare instead!
Obviously inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland, Alice In A Nightmare emerged a few years a little late into the Greek New Wave/Post-Punk scene, but being first doesn't matter. What matters is the music these guys did was good! It's diverse and a bit quirky with many shades of genres mixed in together such as post-punk, synth pop, folk and a little funk (I can hear that slapping bass!).
The collaborators behind the music were Eli Aslanoglou (vocals), Nick Yeorgoulis (guitar and bass), Dimitris Carastamatis (electric piano, keyboards and synths) and Theodore Vlachakis (drums and synths). This was yet another band who should've gained some prominence outside of their home country, but didn't. After their first and only self titled LP (released by Virgin), the group disbanded mysteriously.


Alice In A Nightmare - Alice In A Nightmare - LP (1988), Greece

Side One
1. Under The Shadows
2. Shelter In My Dreams
3. Brother Night (Tonight)
4. Magic
5. I Walk Alone

Side Two
6. Tell Me Something
7. Alice In A Nightmare
8. My Love Is Calling
9. Yesterday


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