08 January, 2011

Caifanes - Caifanes (Edición Especial) - CD (1993), Mexico

Hopping around to the next country to launch the first month of the new year, here's a group who are credited for being one of the most critical in helping make the Rock en Español (Spanish Rock) movement to go mainstream in Latin America during the late 80's and early 90's. Caifanes, formed in Mexico City, Mexico in 1987, included Saúl Hernández (vocals/guitar), Sabo Romo (bass guitar), Alfonso André (drums) and Diego Herrera (keyboards and saxophone).
Their self-titled debut album, also known as Mátenme Porque Me Muero (Kill Me, Because I'm Dying), which I'll be presenting, was originally released in 1988 on vinyl record and then re-released in 1993 on CD as a "Special Edition" package with two extra tracks. These two tracks are actually the singles La Negra Tomasa (The Black Girl Tomasa) and Perdí Mi Ojo de Venado (I've Lost My Deer Eye) released in 1989.
Truthfully, I think the addition of these songs ruin the overall atmosphere of the album, especially La Negra Tomasa, which is actually a cover of a fiercely popular cumbia song (I shamefully admit dancing to when I was young). Trying to mix a tropical dance song into a post-punk/new wave album is not something anyone should EVER attempt. My guess as to why they included it was so the label could capitalize on the major success the band was having at the time and including that particular song into the mix would generate more sales to a wider audience on an otherwise "dark" album.
Fans of The Cure, The Essence and the like, will love this album, despite the band's strong insistence in claiming they were more influenced by prog-rockers, King Crimson. Nevertheless, The Cure reference is very hard to ignore.


Caifanes - Caifanes (Edición Especial) - CD (1993), Mexico

1. Mátenme Porque Me Muero
2. Te Estoy Mirando
3. La Negra Tomasa
4. Cuéntame Tu Vida
5. ¿Será Por Eso?
6. Viento
7. Nunca Me Voy a Transformar en Ti
8. Perdí Mi Ojo de Venado
9. Amanece
10. La Bestia Humana
11. Nada


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  1. saludos desde Chile solo conocia a Caifanes con Viento, voy a escuchar su trabajo, muy buen material, www.clubebm.blogspot.com DJ UVOX