05 February, 2011

Breeding Ground - Revisited - CD (1994), Canada

Here is Breeding Ground's "best of" compilation album Revisited, released in 1994 by Fringe Product. This album is a compendium of the band's best songs from their modest discography, except for their self-titled EP, also known as Wintergarden (1982). To explain the absence of any selections from their first EP, front man John Shirreff brazenly stated in the liner notes, "It seems we've lost the master tape, a tragic loss or a blessing in disguise, it's hard to tell". Fortunately, Wintergarden can be found over at CAPA NOSTRA SYNDICATE's blog.
To fill in for the lack of songs, the two remaining tracks, Nocturne and Babel were included. Nocturne was a song taken from Shirreff's solo album In The Garden (1993) and Babel was a song impulsively recorded while the compilation was in between the selection and remastering process. My musings about the band, were previously written not too long ago and the post can be found over here.


Breeding Ground - Revisited - CD (1994), Canada

1. Tales Of Adventure
2. Reunion
3. This Time Tomorrow
4. Happy Now I Know
5. Epic
6. Love Rectangle
7. Slaughter
8. Business
9. Turn To Dust
10. Ceremony Of Love
11. Nocturne
12. Babel


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  1. Just LOVE this band - it brings back so many memories from the 1980s.