16 January, 2010

Section 25 - The Key Of Dreams - LP (1982), U.K.

The Key Of Dreams, a strange title for an album that is more of an unstructured nightmare. This is the second album by Post-Punk/Synth-Pop cult band Section 25, who are best known for their hit album From The Hip (1984). Section 25 formed back in 1978 in Blackpool by brothers Larry (vocals and bass) and Vin Cassidy (drums) and were hastily joined by Paul Wiggin (guitar).
In 1979, the band organized and performed a charity concert event for the International Year Of The Child along with Joy Division and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD). After the event, Joy Division vocalist Ian Curtis and manager Rob Gretton were so impressed with their live performance, they helped Section 25 produce and release their first 7" Girls Don't Count (1980). Section 25 would later release their first album, Always Now (1981) produced by the legendary Martin Hannett (A.K.A. Martin Zero) and distributed by the long extinct Factory Records.
The Key Of Dreams (1982) is truly an experimental album compared to their previous effort and it shows. As it turns out, the nine tracks from the album were taken from a five hour jam session! What else can I say? It is definitely not for everybody, but only for those who are brave enough to sit through forty two minutes of improvisation. What do you think?


Section 25 - The Key Of Dreams - LP (1982), U.K.

Side 1 (A):
1. Always Now
2. Visitation
3. Regions
4. The Wheel
5. No Abiding Place
6. Once More

Side 2 (B):
7. There Was A Time
8. Wretch
9. Sutra


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