01 May, 2010

Otras Voces - Soledad - EP (1989), Spain

Sorry for the long delay everyone! I've been very occupied lately with getting myself settled in my new area of residence and getting my belongings arranged (there are some things left I still need to unbox and organize!). I haven't forgotten about this little music blog and do not plan on letting it slide into oblivion. There's still too much to share and write about!
I'm very enthusiastic to introduce another great Spanish band and feel strongly against letting another gem slip past by English speaking audiences. I'm hoping I'll be able to change that!
Hailing from Manresa, Spain is a band named Otras Voces (Other Voices). The band members were Speedy (voice and guitar), Toni Holgado (bass), Joan Prat (drums) and Ricard Pradeli (guitar). The sound produced by this band is very reminiscent of other bands before them such as Joy Division, The Cure and The Chameleons. Obvious influences aside, they are more listenable and less somber sounding than Décima Víctima and less aggressive sounding than most other groups in the Spanish Siniestro scene at the time. Soledad (Solitude) is a very good EP and has been on my listening rotation as of late. Before the group dissolved, they recorded their first full length LP titled El Canto del Cisne (The Swan Song), but unfortunately it was never released. All that remains is this EP.


Otras Voces - Soledad - EP (1989), Spain

Lado A (Side A)
1. Flores Negras
2. Hombre Vulgar

Lado B (Side B)
3. Soledad
4. Silencio de Dolor


More Information:
Unofficial Myspace


  1. hola,unas de las mejores bandas goticas que hubo en españa,creo que sacaron dos maquetas mas en k7 y algunos temas en recopilatorios en su sello,un disco fenomenal,saludos

  2. ¡Gracias por la información y comentario!