26 June, 2010

Blueshift Signal - Seven Natural Scenes - CD (1994), U.S.A.

With the current and ongoing worldwide explosion of shoegaze and dream-pop revival bands, here is one that shouldn't be left behind in the past. Blueshift Signal from Warwick, Rhode Island is a band that should've received a lot of recognition during the 90's along the likes of Slowdive, Lush and Pale Saints, yet for some unknown reason they didn't.
Formerly known as Grace Mansion, Blueshift Signal came together in 1993 with members Ron Kuba (guitar and vocals), his brother Mike (drums and keyboards), David Carpenter (drums and keyboards / not to be confused with the famous horror movie director!) and Kip (bass). After the departure of their bassist, Jay Bouchard would later fill in and help record Blueshift Signal's first album Seven Natural Scenes (1994). A few years since the release of their first album, the group began to diminish until only two members remained (Ron and Jay). During this brief period, they recorded songs for their EP titled Surround. Before Blueshift Signal finally called it quits in 1997, they were joined by John Orsi (drums) and released their last EP, Waterside.
Lush, ethereal and dream-like soundscapes are words which spring to mind when listening to Seven Natural Scenes. For those of you who are into this type of music, this is one album that will not disappoint and will make you comeback for repeated listenings!


Blueshift Signal - Seven Natural Scenes - LP - CD (1994), U.S.A.

1. Seven Natural Scenes
2. Acquiescence
3. Absolution
4. Between The Night & The Day
5. Beneath The Meadow
6. Highland Cathedrals
7. Oceans
8. Hehaka Olowan (For Mindy)
9. Flicker & Fade
10. The Secret Garden

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