16 May, 2010

B.F.G. - Blue - CD (1990), U.K.

B.F.G. What does it stand for? I have no idea and they're definitely not related to the automotive tire brand. What I can tell you is they were an overlooked band during the crowded Manchester music scene during the 80's. B.F.G. was formed from the remains of Factory Records band Lavolta Lakota and discovered by Joy Division/New Order bassist Peter "Hooky" Hook. He helped the band out by letting them support New Order during their 1986 summer tour. During that year B.F.G. released their first 12 inch single Paris, which immediately sold out in a week!
The members of the band included many such as B. J. Williams (vocals), Mike Lambert (bass), Mike Simmi (drums and guitar), Acky (guitar), El Thomas (Samples), ex Chameleon Andy Clegg (keyboards and synths), Paul Batheran (guitar) and Steve Craig (vocals).
B.F.G.'s sound was originally filled with intense shrieking guitars, a throbbing bass line and lead by a low baritone voice (B. J. Williams). Comparisons were made to Joy Division at first, but when they released their EP Western Sky, their sound suddenly shifted towards sounding more like the Sisters of Mercy. By the time they released their first LP Fathoms (1988), they evolved into New Wave pop music.
For this post, I'll be presenting their second LP Blue (1990). B.F.G.'s Blue album sees them changing their music direction once again and this time they sound like an industrial/EBM band. The music isn't as intense as it was before and some of the beats are so-so, but there are some songs on here that would be great to play on any club dance floor!


B.F.G. - Blue - LP - CD (1990), U.K.

1. Love Grind
2. Anonymous
3. Switch
4. Gun Law
5. Myth Club
6. Eastern Eye
7. Brain Cage
8. Pulse
9. Monkey Block


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