05 March, 2011

Cetu Javu - Southern Lands - CD (1990), Germany

Listening and grooving to a flood of synthetic-driven beats lately, I stumbled upon a group from Germany who made a brief tenure creating Depeche Mode-inspired electronic music from the mid 80's until the early 90's. Cetu Javu, united in 1984 with Javier Revilla-Diez (vocals), Torsten Engelke (keyboards), Stefan Engelke (bass) and Christian Demere (synths and guitars). Todde Krass would later join to fill in for the departure of Stefan Engelke in 1988. As previously stated, Cetu Javu produced synthetic pop music which was obviously mimicking the sound of Depeche Mode, only the difference was that some of their songs were sung in Spanish and it's no wonder, since the vocalist is from Spain! I found it very surprising, considering there were a majority of German bands who preferred to sing in English.
Spinning furiously and with vigor like a hurricane, Cetu Javu were very productive in their output and released a vast of exceedingly catchy singles such as Help Me Now!, Situations and So Strange. But alas, like a hurricane, Cetu Javu didn't last long. In 1994, all members of the group adjourned on a high note from the music scene to focus on raising their offspring and continue on other endeavors.
Before signing off, here's their full-length debut album, Southern Lands, released in 1990 by ZYX Records, with two additional tracks (Fight Without A Reason and Adonde). It's a brilliant album, with notable highlights such as Words Without Thoughts, Get It and Have In Mind. I couldn't find a single stinker on this album and listeners who are in the habit of toe tapping and waving unusual hand gestures in the air will be pleased!


Cetu Javu - Southern Lands - CD (1990), Germany

1. Southern Lands
2. Love Me
3. Oye
4. Words Without Thoughts
5. So Strange
6. Get It
7. Situations
8. Bad Dreams
9. Have In Mind
10. Quien Lo Sabia?
11. Fight Without A Reason
12. Adonde


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