03 April, 2011

Eyes Of God - Eyes Of God - EP (1984), U.S.A.

I'm happy to see spring is finally here, although the gloomy winter weather hasn't quite dispersed completely, I thought this was a good occasion for me to exhibit this particular band. Eyes Of God, from San Francisco, California, released only a scant few recordings during the mid 80's on the now non-existant Conceptual Communications / Conceptual Records label.
Eyes Of God were not only notable for their dark, wicked and seductive sound, but also how they intentionally (or unintentionally) try to appear enigmatic. They've done a good job thus far, since there's no information in the internet regarding what roles each member played, except what I could find on the back cover sleeve. The members were: Jennifer Hall (who obviously did vocals), Lew Karchin, Lawrence Doyle and John Scampoli. An extra individual, Roberto Oliveira did additional percussion work for the band, but who was the main percussionist?
One of the peculiar aspects of this band I have a penchant for were Jennifer Hall's sultry Siouxsie Sioux-like vocals, shallow bass lines and sinister saxophone sounds.
This self-titled album you'll be listening to shortly, is the second (or first?) release from Eyes Of God and was readily available back in 1984. There is another 12 inch release, which can be found on Goutroy's exceptional blog, A Viable Commercial. One more release exists out there and I'm excited to say that I have it and will be posting it shortly. Stay tuned!


Eyes Of God - Eyes Of God - EP (1984), U.S.A.

This Side:
1. Love Letters
2. Secret Life

3. Sin Twist
4. Cruel Party


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