03 April, 2011

Eyes Of God - The Dance Singles - Single (1985), U.S.A.

As I stated in my previous post, here's the next and possibly the last release Eyes Of God recorded in their brief stint in the independent San Francisco New Wave scene of the 80's. I'm disappointed to write to my amusement, this 12 inch single, is nothing more than an elaborate scheme conceived by their record label to fool the listener and quickly cash-in before anyone realized.
There are no "dance singles" or remixes of any sort to be found here, since all the songs were just ripped-off from their untitled release and stealthily packaged in a proper sleeve cover. The "Dub Mix" version of Sin Twist is EXACTLY the same as the one found in the EP release! It makes me wonder, if the members were aware of this nonsense and retaliated against their label by withdrawing in protest. With no concrete answers set forth by any of the band members or anyone else involved, we can only speculate the possibilities. Who knows? It could just have been an unforeseen mishap by the record label and the actual "dance singles" are probably hidden away in an old abandoned warehouse or someone's muddled closet waiting to be rediscovered.
Now that I'm exhausted from my spouting, here's the release. Remember, be sure to not pay any attention to the appended titles and just enjoy the music!


Eyes Of God - The Dance Singles - Single (1985), U.S.A.

This Side:
1. East Of Eden (Extended)

2. Garden Of Sin (Seductive Mix)
3. Sin Twist (Dub Mix)


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