28 May, 2011

The C.S. Angels - Chasing Shadows - LP (1986), U.K.

It's been quite a month for me, which is normally reserved for hiding indoors, yet I'm glad it turned into an unexpected and pleasant one. Before the end of the month quickly slips away, I'd like to briefly say that I've come a bit closer to my friends, reconnected with an old one and survived the "invisible" rapture.
Marching forth to the main agenda, here is Chasing Shadows by Sheffield, England's The Comsat Angels. After their brief time with Jive Records and unsuccessful album 7 Day Weekend, The Comsat Angels were without a label, until the late Robert Palmer, yes Robert "Simply Irresistible" Palmer approached and encouraged front man and guitarist Steve Fellows to sign with Island Records. In return for helping find a new label for the band, Robert Palmer is credited in the album as executive producer and did some vocal work for the song "You'll Never Know".
To explain the revised name, The Comsat Angels had to call themselves in the U.S. as The C.S. Angels, because a company named Communications Satellite Corporation (or COMSAT), believed the band infringed on their trademark. I found this rather bizarre and amusing since the name was originally taken from a short story by English writer, J.G. Ballard!
The album Chasing Shadows, to those who have heard it, is considered the band's return to form, reminiscent of the early Polydor Record years, à la Waiting For A Miracle, Sleep No More and Fiction. This is immediately noticeable in the dark, edgy opener "The Thought That Counts" along with "Under The Influence" and "You'll Never Know" with some mellow moments interspersed through out the album. Truthfully, I'd say this is one of The Comsat Angels' better albums, highly recommended and can be had for less than $10 (I acquired mine for $2!) on vinyl. Unlike the band's other releases, I found it mysterious and a bit depressing to see this one was left behind without a re-issue, but hopefully that'll change someday. Have a listen!


The C.S. Angels - Chasing Shadows - LP (1986), U.K.

Side One:
1. The Thought That Counts
2. The Cutting Edge
3. Under The Influence
4. Carried Away

Side Two:
5. You'll Never Know
6. Lost Continent
7. Flying Dreams
8. Pray For Rain


More Information:
Official Myspace of Steve Fellows
Fan Page

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  1. I love this record, i have the lp the cd goes for huge amounts of money