30 May, 2011

Dream Command - Fire On The Moon - LP (1990), U.K.

To follow up on the previous post, here's an unforeseen oddity I've come across in my collection. Years ago, when my ex-girlfriend withdrew from our relationship, she left behind a small collection of vinyls she couldn't take. One of those were Dream Command's Fire On The Moon. Once the needle touched the groove on this record and my turn table started playing, I can immediately understand why.
There's a familiar sound to this album and the voice singing the cheesy lyrics: "This may come as a surprise, but I've got x-ray eyes..." is none other than Steve Fellows from The Comsat Angels! Reading behind the sleeve cover, confirms this and also reveals the rest of the CSA line-up Kevin Bacon (bass), Andy Peake (keyboards) and Mik Glaisher (drums) were involved.
It is unknown as to why the name change came to be for The Comsat Angels this time. They weren't under litigation from another delusional telecommunications company or other band bearing the same name. Perhaps they were trying to experiment how the market in the early 90's would react with the name change? Regardless of what the case may be, this album reveals The Comsat Angels' transition from their familiar post-punk/new wave sound into a more alternative rock oriented theme, but with unsatisfying results.
It's very difficult to convey my opinion about this album. After listening and really liking Chasing Shadows, Fire On The Moon left me feeling a bit uncertain and uncomfortable. There are some real stinkers in it and the only stand out tracks worth listening to are "Reach For Me", "Venus Hunter" and "Celestine".
Apparently, my feelings about this album aren't alone. According to sources, "the album was bounced back and forth between band and record company countless times, with neither party happy with the results". With no mutual agreement to be reached between Dream Command and Island Records, the album was "leaked" in limited quantities only in the U.S. and Holland. After this awkward affair, the band was subsequently dropped from the label, but fortunately this was not the end of The Comsat Angels. Review the album for yourself and see if you like it!


Dream Command - Fire On The Moon - LP (1990), U.K.

Side A:
1. Celestine
2. Whirlwind
3. Sleepwalking
4. Reach For Me
5. Ice Sculpture

Side B:
6. Venus Hunter
7. Phantom Power
8. Transport Of Delight
9. She's Invisible
10. Mercury


More Information:
Official Myspace of Steve Fellows
Fan Page

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