17 June, 2011

Presence - Inside - CD (1993), U.K.

The next oddity for this month is another band from the U.K., called Presence. After Laurance "Lol" Tolhurst departed acrimoniously from The Cure in 1989, he went on to form this very short lived act with former Fools Dance vocalist, Gary Biddles and bassist, Michael Dempsey, who was also formerly of The Cure. Other members included Chris Youdell (keyboards) and Alan Burgess (drums). Rob Steen (guitar) and Roberto Soave would later join to replace Dempsey on bass to complete the line-up.
Free from the reigns of control of Robert Smith, Lol was able to meld his own sound. For those who are curious, Presence in some ways sounds how The Cure would've sounded if they evolved into an alternative rock band, but with the traditional dream-pop sound still intact. Don't believe me? The tracks taken from their album Inside, such as Act Of Faith, Pause and Missing are very good stark examples. This also makes a good argument for Cure fans to critique on Lol's influence or lack of influence (whichever you believe) while he was with The Cure.
Before anyone took notice of their brief existence, Presence released a very modest discography, which only included three singles and one critically acclaimed (but commercially unsuccessful) full length album. Nearing the end of this post, I'd like to point out the album I'm presenting here, was originally released in 1992 in the U.K. first (obviously) and then released in the U.S. a year later with two additional exclusive tracks (what a surprise!). Unfortunately, by the time the album was released in the states, the band had already split.


Presence - Inside - CD (1993), U.K.

1. Never
2. Fragments
3. Act Of Faith
4. On Ocean Hill
5. Revolve
6. Highest Peak
7. Pause
8. Raindown
9. Missing
10. In Wonder
11. All I See
12. Inside


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