17 September, 2011

Gravity Pirates - New Age Dreams - LP (1987), Australia

I've realized, it's been a while since the last update. My apologies to all who were expecting monthly updates, but my interest in this blog temporarily veered off course. Now that I'm back, here is Gravity Pirates' second album, New Age Dreams. After their smashing debut album, This Way To The Cargo Cult, the band decided to make a 180 degree turn or how some would say, "Jumped the shark".
New Age Dreams, released in 1987, represents an unexpected change from the group. Instead of gradually evolving their sound like most other bands, they abruptly attack the listener with a callous statement, "Here's our new sound, love it or leave it!" All of the thundering drums, profound synths and cold guitars from their previous effort are now missing and substituted with acoustic guitars, light weight drumming and female vocals (by Sharon Van Tromp). To describe the new sound, I'd say it's a combination of Folk with touches of New Wave. One would really have to sit down and listen with an open mind to grasp the feeling of this album.
What happened? It's difficult to understand what provoked the band to promptly change their direction, but whatever the reason was, it definitely turned into a displeasing result. Although they did a decent rendition of Lou Reed's Femme Fatale, this album's surmountable paltry effort is just too much to take notice. Sorry Gravity Pirates, but I don't like it.


Gravity Pirates - New Age Dreams - LP (1987), Australia

Side One:
1. Feather
2. Driving
3. Bitterness & Tears
4. Chee

Side Two:
5. Lazy Sunday
6. Everyday
7. Femme Fatale
8. New Age Dreams
9. Plip Plops

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