28 December, 2009

Breathless - Between Happiness And Heartache - LP (1991), U.K.

Melancholic, atmospheric, romantic, ... Breathless is all of these and so much more. This is one of those great discoveries that somehow go unnoticed for many years and make you wonder why you didn't find out about them sooner.
Formed somewhere in the U.K. (London?) in the early 80's, the group comprised of Dominic Appleton (vocals and keyboards), Gary Mundy (guitars and additional voices) and Ari Neufeld (bass and acoustic guitar). Former members included Tristram Latimer-Sayer (drums) and Martyn Watts (drums and percussion).

Between Happiness And Heartache has the perfect blend of shimmery bluesy style sounding guitars, bittersweet lyrics and dream-pop goodness. I've listened to this album countless times and never tire of it each listening session. It is also one of those albums to listen to for those times whenever you feel really down and out. Before moving on to the music, it is worth mentioning that Dominic Appleton was a guest musician with 4AD super group This Mortal Coil.


Breathless - Between Happiness And Heartache - LP (1991), U.K.

Side 1:
1. I Never Know Where You Are
2. Over And Over
3. Wave After Wave
4. You Can Call It Yours

Side 2:
5. All That Matters Now
6. Clearer Than Daylight
7. Flowers Die
8. Help Me Get Over It


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Tenor Vossa Records

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