30 December, 2009

Breeding Ground - Tales Of Adventure - EP (1986), Canada

My new discovery of the day leads me to Canada, home of heinous acts such as wanna be goth/punk/pop singer Avril Lavigne, ballad singer Céline Dion and post-grungers Nickleback. Not too long before they dominated the airwaves, there was a group formed in Toronto sometime in 1980-81 called Breeding Ground. The members of this group were John Shirreff (vocals), Hugh Gladish (guitar), Jonathan Strayer (bass) and Ken Jones (drums). Breeding Ground received good notoriety and sales from their 12" Single Slaughter/Reunion (1983) and were noticeably popular at the time in college radio stations with their one hit song Happy Now I Know. After the release of the EP album Tales Of Adventure (1986), the band went on a short hiatus and came back one more time with their first full-length LP Obscurity And Frail (1989).
The sound of this band is somewhat similar to New Order (in some ways) with sprinkles of darkness thrown in for good measure. It's no wonder that it has been on my rotation lately! My favorite songs are Turn To Dust, Epic and Reflections (In A Coffee Cup).


Breeding Ground - Tales Of Adventure - EP (1986), Canada

Side 1:
1. This Time Tomorrow
2. Turn To Dust
3. Epic

Side 2:
4. Tales Of Adventure
5. Happy Now I Know
6. Reflections (In A Coffee Cup)

Review (This link will take you to CAPA NOSTRA SYNDICATE's blog. This time I find it unnecessary to upload an album that is already available and plus Capa Nostra has the limited edition LP version with 3 additional tracks!)

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