29 December, 2009

This Scarlet Train - Fimbria - Mini LP (1987), U.K.

What do you get when you combine echoey guitars, lush melodies and atmospheric singing? This Scarlet Train! Fimbria was a short but sweet very little known mini album released by Nightshift Records back in 1987. This album is perfect for introducing people who are curious about getting into the shoegaze and dream-pop genre without being overwhelming.
The three piece from Scotland were Stuart Nelson (bass guitar and voice), Robert Polson (guitar and keyboards) and Steven Docherty (drums). It's amazing how a small group of just 3 people can produce such a glorious sound! Soon after the album was released, the members split and went their separate ways never to be heard from ever again.


This Scarlet Train - Fimbria - Mini LP (1987), U.K.

Side 1:
1. Picture Frame
2. Autumnhood
3. Candice

Side 2:
4. Kistvaen
5. Still Rain
6. Lilyhaze


More Information:
Unofficial Myspace

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