31 December, 2009

Simple Minds - Empires And Dance - LP (1980), U.K.

To end the depressing year of 2009, I will celebrate by posting my first Simple Minds LP Empires And Dance. Remember Simple Minds? No? Remember the song playing at the end of the popular 80's movie teen drama The Breakfast Club? Still don't remember? Here are a few lines of the lyrics to refresh your mind ... "Don't You Forget About Me!" Oh that song! Yes that song! Don't You (Forget About Me) was played to death on radio waves back during the mid 80's and unexpectedly catapulted this Scottish band from obscurity (in the U.S.) to worldwide super stardom overnight.
The group at the time this album was recorded was led by Jim Kerr (vocals), Charlie Burchill (guitar and saxophone), Michael Macniel (keyboards), Brian McGee (drums and percussion) and Derek Forbes (bass fret). The band has gone through numerous line up changes and musical styles throughout the years and it's amazing to see the band still carries on to this day! Now before I go, I'd like to point out that this album is unlike the Simple Minds most people are familiar with. Along with the typical synth pop sound prevalent at the time, there are also hints of minimal synth, dark sounding reggae and other post-punk sounds in here that would make even a music snob take a second listen and forget all the bad insults they said about Simple Minds!


Simple Minds - Empires And Dance - LP (1980), U.K.

Side 1:
1. I Travel
2. Today I Died Again
3. Celebrate
4. This Fear Of Gods

Side 2:
5. Capital City
6. Constantinople Line
7. Twist/Run/Repulsion
8. Thirty Frames A Second
9. Kant-Kino
10. Room

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  1. The best Simple Minds record IMHO.

  2. Agreed! I also like Real To Real Cacophony. Hmm maybe I'll post that one soon.